What do we offer?

  • Completely automatised, professional hand sanitizer stands.
  • Made for use in factories, shops, cafés, hotels, office buildings, schools and healthcare establishments.
  • Large disinfectant storage provides long lasting stand operation without maintenance.
  • Available with 2L, 4L and 5L disinfectant storage.
  • Battery or 5V power supply.
  • Made from brushed stainless steel, available in variety of colors.
  • Available on a stand or wall mounted.
  • WiFi connectivity provides remote monitoring on disinfectant use, disinfectant storage level, refillings etc.


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i-Spritz in action

Monitoring Server

The monitoring server provides an opportunity to keep track of stand activity real-time –  usage, disinfectant supply level, refillings and if necessary send automated warning messages to e-mail or mobile phone.

It is convenient and economical

Save by choosing larger disinfectant storage.
Monitor disinfectant use remotely
Receive notifications on low disinfectant levels and refillings
Ready for use in 5G network